Frequently Asked Questions

Is the steel galvanized?

YES, We use Australian All Gal Steel!

What is the black in the bottom of the walls?

The walls are fitted with Australian Certified Form Ply, ensuring you have the strongest product in the marketplace!

Do you have sliding or swing doors?

We manufacture swing doors that can lock in an ‘open position’ allowing you the full door width for safe access.

Do they need to be anchored down?

Our products are not a ‘wind trap’ and are designed for outdoor purpose. They are extremely heavy duty and also extremely heavy. They have been used Australia wide for many years in all weather conditions and events safely. However for those people that require portable buildings to be anchored for insurance purpose we do have anchor kits available. These can also be used on our lighter framed structures eg. 2 Wall Shelter

Can I get Day Yards or Storm Covers after I purchase?

Yes, All accessories are available for aftermarket purchase.

How long do they take to assemble?

A Basic stable takes 20-30 minutes to assemble with 2-3 capable people. See our Assembly details on our website.

How we can they be delivered?

All our products can be freighted flat pack Australia Wide. See our website for more details.

What tools are required?

No tools are essential for assembly however 2 x 13mm Spanners can be helpful to tighten the roof tab bolts.

Do they require any maintenance?

Silicon Spray or WD40 on Door Latches will ensure soft smooth operation.

Can I add on to my stables at any time?

YES! You can add a Tackroom, Shelter, Washbay, Tie Up Bay or more stables at any time!

Can they be painted?

While painting is not required, You can paint your frames or walls at any time. Some people even choose to add colourbond to match their property buildings.

How big are they?

Our standard size stable requires 4mx4m Ground space and 2.5mtr height clearance.

Will they fit a large horse?

Our stables are a very generous size. They comfortably fit heavy horse breeds or mare and foals. Unlike competitors, our stables are manufactured in Australia and are not restricted in size due to container dimensions.