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All our stables are available with or without roofs and suit indoor or outdoor use.

They are modular and can be changed at any time to adapt to your next needs.

All Solution Stables Products are 100% Portable but are still very heavy duty and made for outdoor use.

Using only the best Australian Materials, these are constructed with 50x50 RHS Gal Frames, Certified Aus. Form Ply, Custom Orb Roof Sheets.  Their design is suitable for all Australian outdoor environments.

Simple 20-30mins assembly for 2-3 people.

Outside Stables

Outside Stables

Basic Stable1.jpg

Single Stable W Roof

$5250 incl. GST or $37/week

4m x 4m surface area required


Swing/Lock Back Door with Door Yoke (Options Available)

Rug Rack

50 x 50 Gal Frames

Certified Australian Form Ply

4mm Gal Mesh

2 Joined1.jpg

Joined Stables W Roof

You can have 1 stable or a whole complex. You can add joining stables, tackrooms, washbays or yards to your existing stable at any time.


Add a joined stable for $4750*

Stable Panels

Stable Panels/Undercover Stables

2 - Joined No Roof - A.jpg

Stable Panel - Walls


3750 x 2350 (Plus Joining Lugs)


50 x 50 Gal Frames

Certified Australian Form Ply

4mm Gal Mesh

HOT TIP: You can install INDOOR stables now……add a roof and put them OUTSIDE  later!!!


Stable Panel - Fronts


3750 x 2350 (Plus Joining Lugs)


Swing/Lock Back Door with Yoke (Options Available)

Rug Rack

50 x 50 Gal Frames

Certified Australian Form Ply

4mm Gal Mesh

XL Rehab Mare Foal Stables

Xl / Rehab / Mare & Foal Stables

XL Rehab or Mare and Foal Box.JPG

Extra Large Rehab Stable

$6990 or from $48 per week

6 x 4 m surface area


This stable requires approx 6 x 4 m surface area it is fantastic for All Day Boxes, Rehab or Extra Large Mare and Foal Box

Mini Horse Farm Animal Stables

Mini Horse & Farm Animal Stables

Mini Stable.JPG

Mini Stables


DOUBLE 4 x 4m surface area required $5,950 incl GST or $42/wk*

TRIPLE 4 x 6m surface area required $8,750 incl GST or $61/wk*

Description (pictured triple 6x4)

XL Rehab Stable converted into 3 Mini Stables - 3 Mini bays 2x4m each with Mini door access into each bay.

Add on...

Horse Stables for Sale

Do you need a temporary or semi-permanent stable for your horses? The perfect solution at the show, that only takes 30 minutes to set up? Or perhaps an easier option than building? Well, Solution Stables has the right horse stables for sale if you seek a convenient, relocatable domicile for your equine.

The High Points of Our Big Horse Stables

Our different stables have all been designed with the comfort and safety of your horses as the priority concern. We use heavy-duty materials throughout because we have seen what a normal 550kg cob can do to a stable.


The designs are modular so you can use them without a roof or attach the units together. Each unit remains portable and can be set up by two or three people in half an hour.


We only use 100% Australian materials when constructing our portable stables. This includes 50mm SHS galvanised steel for the frames, certified Formply panels and Custom Orb roof sheets. All these materials have been extensively field tested to survive our harsh and varied outdoor conditions in Australia.

Make sure your next portable stable is by Solution Stables.

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