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Standard, Open Rail, Combo & Round Bale Shelters

All Solution Stables Products are 100% Portable but are still very heavy duty and made for outdoor use.

Using only the best Australian Materials, these are constructed with 50x50 RHS Gal Frames, Certified Aus. Form Ply, Custom Orb Roof Sheets.  Their design is suitable for all Australian outdoor environments.

Simple 20-30mins assembly for 2-3 people.


SS Shelter No Yard.jpg

Standard Shelter

$4500 incl GST or $31/week

4m x 4m surface area required


These can be joined to any of the Solution Stables Range

Open wall shelter.jpg

Open Rail Wall Shelter

$4050 incl GST or $28/week

4m x 4m surface area required


Standard Ply/Mesh Rear Wall

Side Walls Large Oval Rail


Round Bale Shelter

$3600 incl GST or $25/week

4m x 4m surface area required


A great walk through shelter to provide some weather protection for your Round Bale feeding options.

Anchor Kits available for $150 pair.

Add on...

Horse and Human Shelters

A sturdy shelter is important for horses, to protect them (and you) from rain. A portable shelter allows you to move it around in the paddock to prevent the horses compacting the ground, and you can use it at shows for you and your horse or even for the event officials. Our modular horse shelters are Australian-made and can be combined with other Solution Stables products.

The Ideal Horse Paddock Shelters


The standard shelter measures 4m by 4m and is built for strength because horses tend to test their weight against everything. We use 50mm SHS galvanised steel throughout the construction of each horse shelter, with Formply panels and Custom Orb roof sheets.


Three standard designs provide all the variability required on the farm or show grounds: standard shelter with panelled sides and back, open rail shelter with steel rails on the sides and a panelled back, and the round bale feeder with railed sides and an open back.

Choose Our Portable Horse Shelters

We manufacture real Australian paddock shelters made for local conditions using only Australian materials. The shelters are designed for a quick setup, making our shelters and stables perfect for the mobile horseman.

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