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Freight, Assembly & Warranty





We understand the concept of freight may be daunting to some people, but it is really quite simple and affordable when you follow our steps/guidance.

(Remember a stable is approx. 8 Pallet Spaces and very heavy. It is not a simple pallet or Australia post parcel)


  • Customer Collect  (Truck or Car Trailer)

  • Independent Freight Company Collect for Customer

  • Backload Booking

  • Solution Stables Delivery Truck (restricted areas)

  • Share Freight - At times we offer Share freight between Customers via 3rd party freight or our own Crane Truck. These deliveries are to your door. The cost is shared between all the customers on the truck.

  • Solution Stables Crane Truck Deliveries. These are delivered to your door/paddock and unloaded for you via a crane. 

Freight Collection requires to be booked in with Solution Stables Factory 48 hours prior to pick up. 

The most important aspect to consider when organising freight is timing!

(Make sure your order is built and ready for despatch before booking backloads)


Being flexible with your pick-up and delivery date will help you obtain a more economical price for your stable delivery. Stipulating an exact date and time for delivery may drive your freight cost higher, so try and remain open to delivery times. Below we have listed what we consider to be the most economical and easy steps for organising freight.


We recommend you follow these steps, in this order. The majority of the time this method will give you the most economical freight rate.

Contact your local freight services

More often than not they will be looking for freight coming back to your location and this will ensure you are getting the most affordable price. Also if they have a local depot, you will most likely have the option to pick your stable up from there which will save you on a further delivery cost to your exact location.​

List your freight job on freight websites, such as and facebook pages eg. Backloads Australia Wide; Backloads Across Australia​


It is possible for you to collect your stable directly from our manufacturing location. You will need to make certain that your vehicle is suitable to the size of your stable. If you are collecting your stable with a car trailer, you must ensure that you have packing, ie, railway sleepers to bring the floor height up to the level of the wheel arch, ensuring your flat pack stable is lying flat on the trailer.


Arrival at your location

You have two options for unloading your stable -

1) You will need to have a form of hydraulic lifts, either, a 2.5T forklift/tractor with forks and 2.4m extension slips etc. or

2) each component can be hand unloaded. If you choose the later we recommend 3 or 4 strong people to safely unload your stable.

Freight Co-ordination and Quotation Fee

For a Freight Co-ordination and Quotation Fee of $165 we can:

- Obtain 3 freight quotes

- Liaise with freight companies and co-ordinate your freight

This Fee is Non-refundable should you choose to book your own freight company

Stable dimensions (Stables can be stacked on top of each other)

A basic stable with roof and day yard:

Weight – 800kg
Length – 4500mm
Width – 2350mm
Height – 500mm

Pick-up location

8 Stolzenberg Road, Kingaroy QLD 4610

Approx 210km north/west of Brisbane
Approx 150km north of Toowoomba



Loading and Unloading Instructions

100 % Portable - 30 Minutes Assembly - 2 capable people

Stable & Shelter Assembly Instructions

Vet Crush Assembly Instructions




Congratulations on your SOLUTION STABLE purchase.


SOLUTION STABLES are accompanied by a one year manufacturer’s warranty.


This warranty covers workmanship and manufacturing of the SOLUTION STABLES product purchased prior to freight.


If freight is provided directly by SOLUTION STABLES on a SOLUTION STABLES vehicle (crane truck, trailer etc.), the warranty will extend to the delivery of the SOLUTION STABLES product to the designated delivery address.

This warranty does not extend to cover 3rd party freight providers, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the freight provider has adequate insurance.


It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure that all items are delivered in full and in good working order. Upon delivery, the customer must complete and sign that the product is complete (all accessories) and without damage. This warranty does not cover incorrect unloading by the customer or their freight provider.

Any faults or issues must be noted to SOLUTION STABLES within 24 hours. Failure to do so may incur extra freight charges dependent on warranty claims.


For a period of one year from the date of the original sale of this product, SOLUTION STABLES warrants to rectify and/or repair at their option, at no charge to the purchaser, all manufacturing defects which SOLUTION STABLES determines to be defective in workmanship, materials or components.


The warranty does not cover accidental damage, neglect or abuse or being tampered with, or repair by unauthorized persons.  Any work completed by an unauthorized person will void warranty. SOLUTION STABLES will not be held responsible for damage that occurs if incorrectly assembled by the customer or a 3rd party. Should Solution Stables incur any extra charges from any 3rd party, these charges will be passed on to the customer.


Any alterations or modifications made after market will void the warranty.  In the event of a warranty claim, any issues must be reported to SOLUTION STABLES prior to any 3rd party repairs being conducted.


This warranty given by SOLUTION STABLES shall only apply to the original purchaser. The warranty is not transferable or assignable.


All reasonable efforts will be made to match original coverings, however SOLUTION STABLES accepts no liability if unable to match due to the aging process of materials.

Every proposed Warranty claim will be assessed on its own individual merits and Solution Stables reserves the right to extend warranty outside of this period should they deem appropriate. 

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